MAF Fusion auxiliary injector controller

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MAF Fusion is the port injection controller we use on our vehicles, this small controller packages easily on vehicles and provides all of the necessary features (and more) for running port injection and E85 on a direct injected engine.

Features include:


  • Two frequency type MAF sensor inputs (0 to 20,000 Hz input range)
  • RPM input (with software selectable pull-up circuit)
  • MAP/boost sensor input (user configurable for most 0-5 volt linear output MAP and pressure sensors)
  • Data log activation
  • USB on remote bulkhead connector (for live view of data, reprogramming MAF Fusion and reading data logs)


  • Frequency type MAF signal output (0-20,000 Hz)
  • Voltage type MAF signal output (0-5 volts)
  • Bank 1 injector control (up to 4 high impedance injectors)
  • Bank 2 injector control (up to 4 high impedance injectors)
  • Auxiliary injector driver signal (Push/Pull +12V, low current)
  • LED indicators for power, status of MAF sensor inputs & error condition notification built into enclosure

MAF input signals can be averaged, combined or subtracted from each other

Fast and slow response filtering of each MAF input at each frequency step

MAF sensor curves can be different for all inputs and outputs

MAF frequency input and output range from 0 to 20,0000 Hz

Up to 250 calibration data points for each MAF curve (in and out)

Auxiliary injector control by MAP or airflow vs RPM

Up to 21 x 21 table size with user defined axis break points

Included Windows PC software for programming the module, viewing live data, and reading logged data

Data logging of all inputs and outputs

User selectable for logging rate (10, 20, 50 or 100 samples/second)

Live data view mode for monitoring of inputs and outputs

On-board barometric pressure sensor

On-board module temperature sensor

Automotive temperature grade components

Fully epoxy potted construction for increased durability

Compact design with black hard coat anodized aluminum enclosure

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