GM GEN V LT1 Vindicator Port Injection Plate System for Camaro with Magnuson TVS2650

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The simple way to solve your fueling issues on the Gen V LT1 engines - add port Injection! Our 2018 Camaro SS runs this system along with a TVS2650, TooHighPsi Dual Fuel Pump system, and MAF Fusion controller to make 728 SAE RWHP with 90mm pulley on an otherwise stock engine/exhaust.

This patent pending bolt on hardware kit specifically fits your GM LT1 Camaro with Magnuson TVS2650 with no additional modifications.

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Kit includes: 2 port plates, 2 fuel rails, 4 -6 fuel rail fittings, brackets, gaskets, and necessary hardware to mount injectors under your TVS2650 supercharger.

Kits are available with optional 60lb/hr or 80lb/hr injectors.

Injectors must be Long Length 60mm 0-ring to O-ring with Small Body
DEKA 4 or similar - shown with Bosch EV1 connector

TooHighPsi Dual Fuel Pump system (or similar) recommended for E85 operation.

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